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MT distribuzione: IoT & Smart Living distribution with Sylius
Webgriffe, our Professional Solution Partner, has significantly improved the eCommerce setup for MT Distribuzione. They've developed a new store on Sylius, addressing technical needs and enhancing the overall online shopping experience. This collaboration has made their operations more efficient and improved customer connection. With Webgriffe's skill, MT Distribuzione moves forward with a more effective and user-friendly eCommerce platform.
MT distribuzione: IoT & Smart Living distribution with Sylius

About the company

MT Distribuzione is an Italian company that’s been around for over 25 years, specializing in distributing products for home automation, smart homes, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, and security. They mainly work with industry pros like electricians, plumbers, system integrators, and design studios. MT Distribuzione is there to help with advice and support, both when buying and afterward. They also run monthly courses and events to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Main goals

MT Distribuzione had two main goals: to grow its business and to get more done with less effort. The company wanted to make its online sales tools better looking and working, aiming to be seen as a top-notch, trustworthy, and advanced digital shop. At the same time, they needed to make their internal buying processes more efficient and scalable, to work smarter, not more complex, and to cut costs.

Project Challenges

With their old platform, one big problem was that it took a lot of work to add and update features, especially the complicated ones. This was a significant roadblock for MT Distribuzione, stopping them from keeping their online services fresh and, in turn, making the most out of their online ads. Even though the company was already pretty good with digital stuff before moving to a new platform, their online hands were tied to eCommerce. They needed help running sales, cross-selling (which is super important in their field), or making their events and courses stand out online. They were stuck when it came to managing their products and customers.


MT Distribuzione picked Sylius because it fit their complex business needs well, not just for showing products (like prices and what’s available) but also for handling customer stuff (like signing up, sorting them into groups, etc.). They needed a B2B platform that was flexible and could be tweaked easily, even for the basic operations.

They hooked the platform up with a bunch of tools and systems from other companies:

  • Contentful for keeping content organized
  • ElasticSearch to make it easy to look through the catalog
  • Clerk.io for helping with searches and suggesting products
  • Active Campaign for email marketing
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for taking care of customer info
  • OneSignal for sending out push notifications
  • Cerved for adding more info to their customer database

The Sylius migration process

To pick the best eCommerce framework for their project, based on what they needed and wanted to achieve, MT Distribuzione checked out different software options. They focused on just three platforms: Sylius, Magento, and Shopware because these could handle their complex business stuff better than the rest, which needed to be more essential for their taste. In the end, Sylius won out because it was more straightforward and straight to the point. They only needed some of the bells and whistles the other two came with but wanted to add their specific features.

First, they did some deep thinking to figure out precisely what MT Distribuzione’s sector needed and what key features had to be part of the platform. With this insight, they could sketch a user-friendly layout that fits both the typical customer and MT Distribuzione’s requirements. At the same time, they made sure the platform could talk both ways with the company’s ERP and CRM systems, and they added various custom tweaks. Once the design was nailed down, they brought it to life and added in other third-party systems like Clerk.io, ElasticSearch, Active Campaign, and more as needed.

The project was tackled by a team with a mix of skills: Strategic and Digital Consultant, Data Analyst, SEO Specialist, Graphic Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, and Marketing Specialist.

Thanks to the platform’s adaptability and a bunch of automated tests created by Webgriffe, adding MT Distribuzione’s special requests was smooth sailing. They didn’t have to worry about messing up other features with each update. Even when they decided to throw in some significant new requirements mid-way, the development kept rolling without much trouble. Launching the new platform was smooth, too, mainly due to constantly testing things out in a staging environment and having a solid release process set up by Webgriffe.


MT Distribuzione has stepped up its game by making its business processes slicker and hooking up new tech to pull off its online and offline intelligent moves. Now, their sales team can place client orders through the platform, automatically snagging all the special deals on prices, discounts, how much you can buy, and what’s in stock.

They’ve reduced the nuisance and cost of running things internally by connecting their operations more smoothly with their eCommerce platform. This has made their tools work better and even bumped how often people buy stuff on their site because of all the improvements they’ve made.

The sales crew has some fancy new digital tools, all linked up with the company’s main systems, making their jobs more accessible and more efficient.

On the tech side, adding new features and fixing bugs has become a breeze thanks to Sylius and the innovative workflow Webgriffe implemented. This setup makes keeping the site running smoothly without breaking other stuff easier.

Operationally, managing what they sell and their deals has gotten a major upgrade. They’ve got everything in sync between the sales platform, their ERP, and CRM systems, so everyone’s on the same page quickly.

For the customers, the shopping experience is now top-notch. They see personalized prices, can buy bundles, get suggestions based on their shopping history, and even have multiple logins.

The product team is over the moon with the new platform, praising its stability, speed, and growth ability. Even MT Distribuzione’s management is thrilled, seeing great potential for expanding its online business.

Results in numbers


Revenue growth


Traffic growth

We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Webgriffe, which developed our B2B E-commerce and managed the integration with the CRM, the company’s ERP, and third-party services already present in the company. From the beginning, the team has shown itself to be highly professional and competent, demonstrating a deep understanding of our needs and business objectives.

The effectiveness of the work carried out is clearly manifested in the seamless integration of e-commerce with the software platforms already present in the company. This integration has led to a significant improvement in our daily operations, making the management of business transactions, orders, and communication with customers faster and more accurate. The smooth connection between these systems has raised the overall operational efficiency, facilitating a more manageable and timely management of B2B e-commerce activities. The e-commerce design has been meticulously cared for, as well as the navigation and purchasing process, ensuring an intuitive and pleasant user experience.

Throughout the development process, the Webgriffe team was always available to answer our questions and open to receiving feedback. Communication was fluid and transparent, also thanks to the tools that were made available to us to monitor the project’s status in real time.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Webgriffe for their technical competence, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting the specific needs of the client. Collaborating with them has brought significant added value to our business, improving our online presence and optimizing internal processes.

Tiziano Mantello – MT Distributizione (CEO)