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CHAMPAGNE DELAMOTTE France / Food & Beverage

"A great champagne is first and foremost a great wine" - that's the main slogan behind this amazing store full of champagne and great taste. A small, neat range without overkill - designed to be clear and straightforward.

built by Groupe Ipanema / visit site

Casa Palacio Mexico / Home & Garden

Casa Palacio, a division of Palacio del Hierro (the biggest chain of department stores in the country) is one of the most popular exclusive household appliances in Mexico.

built by THE COCKTAIL / visit site

Folkstar Poland / Apparel & Accessories

Folkstar is the biggest Polish eCommerce with wonderful regional folk design.

built by Bit Bag / visit site

DE KROO Ruitershop Netherlands / Sporting Goods

De Kroo Ruitersport is known from their manege and international equestrian events, but in the past decade, they have also built their brand online by launching their e-commerce platform.

built by Nedbase / visit site

Allibert Trekking France / Sporting Goods

Allibert Trekking designs and organizes more than 1,400 adventure trips, treks and expeditions on five continents, with respect for people and the environment. Unforgettable treks such as the Annapurna tour, the Everest base camp in Nepal, or the mythical parks of the American West, the Mont Blanc tour, or the Aeolian Islands in Italy. Each year, Allibert Trekking offers new adventure tours, northern lights tours, kayak trips.

built by Smile / visit site

NORDBLANC Czech Republic / Sporting Goods

NORDBLANC brand offers sporting and outdoor goods emphatically focused on high-quality material, current technology, functionality and practicality of products, modern design and a balanced price.

built by manGoweb / visit site

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Mon Pimentier France / Food & Beverage

Mon Pimentier is an online shop selling Espelette pepper, a variety of chili pepper cultivated in the town of Espelette, south-west of France. The website is designed to show the dedication of the producers to their work which creates unique flavors for the customers.

built by Studio WAAZ / visit site

RecycleBox United Kingdom / Government, Non-Profit & Education

A wonderful company that is on a mission to raise the nation's recycling rates.

built by RecycleBox / visit site

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