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Exxer Hungary / Fashion

Exxer is a quickly developing online shop selling stylish wearable tech. In addition to appealing trackers and smartwatches, it also sells works of contemporary Hungarian jewelry designers.

built by Rufftech / visit site

DriveGuide Netherlands / Transport

DriveGuide is based on the vision that driving is more fun and better when you have 100% insight into your car and your driving behavior. It takes away all your worries and gives you options along the way while remaining in control. It offers an overview of everything on your route, all in one app. So you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

built by Drive Guide / visit site

Hewy Belgium / Home & Garden

Hewy is a marketplace for designers specialized in wood creations where they can publish and sell their products. You can also contact them for a personalized project! Chat, send pictures and create the project together with the designer. Hewy works with a robot to create your designed order.

built by ImaxPro / visit site

Kampmann Germany / Home & Garden

Kampmann is your reliable partner when it comes to technically pioneering systems. With its vision and keen insight into future markets, Kampmann GmbH grew to become one of the leading international specialists in heating, cooling, ventilation and integrated building automation.

built by Infolox GmbH / visit site

Ovidias.com Belgium / Food

Ovidias is famous far and wide because of its Belgian chocolates with home-made filling, with a full and creamy taste. First retailer that offers chocolates in cans. Based only on the very best ingredients.

built by INTRACTO / visit site

Examine.com USA / Health & Care

Your Unbiased Source on Nutrition and Supplements. Independent and objective. Over 1.5 million examine.com visitors every month rely on its research and make change in their diet and daily routine.

built by Examine.com / visit site

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Village Green Signs United Kingdom / Home & Garden

Since 1989 the company has been producing bespoke hand painted house signs from their workshop in Hertfordshire. Each of their house plaques is cast as one piece in polyurethane resin and individually hand painted by their artists.

Librio Switzerland / Books

Librio offers personalised children's books for their customers. You need to put a name of your child and create an avatar. Then you will see a fantastic story presenting the most important values like friendship with your beloved child as a main character. You can order a book with soft or hard cover and add your personalised dedication.

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