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Magdalena Wielgus
25.06.2019 | 2 mins read

JobCloud AG becomes a Sylius Plus customer

We are extremely proud to announce that JobCloud AG has become one of the first Sylius Plus customers. The company has decided to rely its digital transformation on Sylius software. Sylius is helping the JobCloud’s B2B tech team with Project Success Assistance – a series of services (consultations and workshops) that will support JobCloud in transferring the eCommerce logic of all their platforms to Sylius. The cooperation has started in January 2019 from the Discovery Session and Architecture Workshop, which were highly satisfying for both teams. 

I’m really happy and excited about our collaboration with Sylius. This partnership brings us an additional experience in the crucial eCommerce field. The solution is not a fixed platform, but a framework of flexible components, which perfectly meets our needs. Young and dynamic team behind it provides some great developer experience, inspiring us with its strong open-source & eCommerce know-how. – Christian Fürst, B2B Team Lead at JobCloud AG.


JobCloud is the leading player in Switzerland’s online job market, offering various recruitment solutions. Not only do the No. 1 and best-known job boards such as, and belong to JobCloud, but also innovative technologies in recruitment are part of JobCloud’s universe. As an example, JobCloud has developed performance-oriented models and owns 100% of JoinVision EServices in Vienna, which is the leading supplier of semantic recruitment technologies. JobCloud employs around 200 employees, mainly in Zurich and Geneva.


As for 2018, the company had over 100 million revenue, hiring 200 employees, serving 30.000 customers. 6.1+ millions monthly visits of all platforms and 20+ years on the Swiss market make it the absolute expert in Europe. JobCloud is also a founding member of “The Network”, an international alliance of the most recognized job boards.


I believe that this cooperation will bring lots of benefits both to our clients and Sylius. We are sure that our platform will meet the needs of JobCloud as our components are really flexible. – Paweł Jędrzejewski, founder of Sylius.


Both Sylius and JobCloud, are looking forward to this special cooperation. 


Magdalena Wielgus
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