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Mollie Plugin Approved by Sylius by BitBag

As the Sylius Strategic Technology Partner, Mollie is our preferred payment solution provider for merchants in Benelux, DACH, and France. The integration supports the most popular payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, or Klarna and features such as convenient checkout, partial order fulfillment, easy refunds, and more.
price: FREE


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Catalog Promotions Plugin by Setono

Creates catalog promotions in your Sylius store. It allows you to easily set up rules to change prices on all your products.
price: FREE

Feed Plugin by Setono

A plugin for creating all kinds of feeds to any given service, i.e. Google Merchant Center.
price: FREE

Pickup Point Plugin by Setono

Allows for integration with pickup point provider and selecting a delivery point.
price: FREE

Gift Card Plugin by Setono

Allows buying gift cards in your store and using them to purchase products.
price: FREE

Smash Promotion Plugin by BitBag

Upload a video of smashing a concurrent product and get a discount for the one offered by your Sylius instance. The plugin supports this whole process.
price: FREE

Product Deposit Price Plugin by Gerd Weitenberg

The product deposit plugin in Sylius allows you to set an amount of refundable deposit price for any product. For example deposit for bottles, cans, pallets, batteries or car replacement parts.
price: FREE

Quad Pay Plugin Approved by Sylius by BitBag

This plugin allows you to integrate QuadPay payment with the Sylius platform online store.
price: FREE

Product Bundle Plugin by BitBag

The product bundle plugin allows creating a set of products in the admin panel and buying many products at once.
price: FREE

Coinbase Plugin Approved by Sylius by BitBag

This plugin allows you to integrate Coinbase payment with the Sylius platform app, including refunds UI integration.
price: FREE

Braintree Plugin by BitBag

This plugin allows you to integrate Braintree payment with the Sylius platform app. It includes all Sylius and Braintree payment features, including refunding orders.
price: FREE

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