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PayPlug (Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne group) is an omnichannel bank card payment solution, simple to install (no VAD contract) offering conversion-oriented functionalities:

  • Integrated or redirected payment page, customizable and responsive on all media
  • 3D-Secure or smart 3D-Secure (an anti-fraud algorithm that limits purchase abandonment by applying 3D-Secure only to the riskiest transactions)
  • One-click payment (the customer’s CB is memorized at the first purchase and proposed for subsequent purchases)
  • Management of payment failures: clear messages are visible on our interface in case of failures and allow customers to be relaunched
  • Requests for payment by e-mail or SMS (to complete a sale by telephone for instance or to sell on social media) 
  • Split payment not guaranteed and guaranteed with Oney 
  • Payment deferred to 7 days 
  • Physical payment 
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