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25% Revenue Growth with Headless Ecommerce Platform
This time we’ll take a look at the fairytale about a headless approach that really paid off. With about €15 000 000 of yearly revenue, the hero of this tale decided to ditch WooCommerce and Wordpress and go headless with Sylius. But let’s start from the beginning.
25% Revenue Growth with Headless Ecommerce Platform

With Sylius:

  • A two-fold decrease of website’s loading time
  • 25% revenue growth within a year from migration (from €15 to €20 M)
  • 2000 orders monthly
  • €1000 average order value
  • Traffic peak: 7000 unique users in an hour
  • Frontend with Vue & Nuxt.js

Chapter one: Bed-in-box Revolution

Tediber is the first bed-in-box mattress provider in France. The company was created in 2015 and grew up really quickly. It is a pure-player e-commerce website. The sales of the company increased fast thanks to the marketing and brand awareness ads displayed in the subway and on TV.

Alright, but what’s a bed-in-box? Well, as the name suggests, it is simply putting a mattress in a box. The innovation here comes in the technology and services behind it.

First things first, the mattress is compressed, rolled and folded using special machines in the factory. Then, as you can see in this video, the mattress comes in a handy box that is much easier for any courier to transfer to your home through the staircase or the elevator. 

Tediber delivers amazing user experience, attaching even small details like a specially designed penknife to unfold the product with no harm. Once it’s opened, the mattress gets decompressed within 24 hours. 

And then it’s only fun! If you like it, you simply do nothing and sleep on it as long as you wish. If you are not satisfied, you can return it for free up to 100 nights and get a full refund. 

No more in-store mattress testing with other clients. Thanks to industry changers like Tediber, you can safely order the mattress online and enjoy your rest time at home.

Chapter two: Why Sylius?

The main goal of Tediber was to find a stable, flexible backend platform to develop fast without any headaches. The company was using the Woocommerce/Wordpress platform with some custom code on top of it. As it turned out, it wasn’t enough. They wanted to separate the front- and the backend to give the project more flexibility.

Even though their product catalog is relatively small, they wanted to highlight all their products’ specificities. The main challenge behind the transformation was to migrate from their legacy platform to Sylius quickly and without losing any important previous developments. They needed all the e-commerce basic tools with some custom developments on top of it.

For Tediber, it took only 5 months to migrate everything. They started with a web agency to create all the basic needs and then finished with a freelancer to add all the specific features. The devs had to create specific migration scripts to adapt the WordPress architecture to Sylius. They were aware that Sylius architecture was much cleaner than WordPress and it was quite easy to find the right tables in the database.

„Sylius is very flexible eCommerce framework based on Symfony. We can extend all the existing functions to match our needs quite easily.”
Guillaume Bidan, CTO of Tediber

Chapter three: Technical Overview

Sylius was chosen because of its flexibility. It provides a dedicated admin interface and an API – both based on Symfony. „Our developers know Symfony well and Sylius has all the tools needed for e-commerce websites. We can extend all the existing functions to match our needs quite easily.” – said Guillaume Bidan, CTO of Tediber.

Tediber team decided to use Sylius for the back office and for its API, which communicates well with their frontend (currently based on VueJS with Nuxt). Separating backend and frontend enabled faster work on the project, ensuring every design is unique and very dynamic.

As the eCommerce platform lays in the very heart of every online business, Sylius centralizes all processes also in Tediber’s case. All 3rd party systems like ERP, WMS (Warehouse Management System), CRM are connected to it. Tediber is using SyliusAdmin and Netlify CMS to handle dynamic data on the frontend. To analyze the traffic, they are using Google Analytics, PowerBi and CRMs. Also, they are handling transactional emails with Mailchimp’s Mandrill.. Tediber is hosting Sylius on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to be able to handle traffic peaks. 

Chapter four: Results

Tediber had a crucial spike of traffic thanks to a television news report. The site was visited by 7000 unique visitors in one hour. Thanks to recent Sylius ShopApi stabilization and performance audit that we have provided, the website handles such traffic with no problem.

By ditching WordPress, decoupling backend and frontend and leveraging Sylius ShopApi plugin Tediber saw a two-fold decrease of the loading time. With about 2 000 orders monthly and €1000 average order value, everything is working more than fine.

What’s most important, within just one year from migration, Tediber has noticed a 25% revenue growth – from €15 000 000 to €20 000 000. All this income is going through our platform, which makes us really proud.

Tediber’s Bed-in-box Revolution:

  • French industry leader
  • A handy box with compressed mattress inside, right at your door
  • Shipped, within a few hours from order
  • Up to 100 nights to test and return with a full refund
  • Over 15000 positive customer reviews
  • Excellent design and user experience

We love supporting such innovative businesses!