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Natura Selection chose a transition to Sylius with the aim to create a better world
It’s always tricky to reach a wide range of potential clients, but things get even more complicated when you especially target those who hold the same point of view as you do. That’s where extremely talented people from Runroom stepped in and with help of Sylius, they increased sales of Natura almost three times.
Natura Selection: how transition to Sylius tripled their sales?

What is Natura?

It’s a multi-brand concept store based in Spain, with over 200 brick and mortar stores in the country, which tries to make the world a better place with its unique and environment-friendly products. But don’t think that’s all Natura is! Besides its sales activities, this amazing brand also supports charities and promotes living in harmony with nature.

What was the challenge?

Natura had a website based on the Yii framework developed from scratch and based on the specific needs of the brand, that’s why this solution generated high developing costs.
The main goal of this project was to conduct a smooth transfer from the old e-commerce platform to Sylius, reduce programming costs, and work with the current framework, more secure and faster.

It seemed challenging to adapt a lot of functionalities developed from the previous platform to the standard version without losing quality and to avoid sticking with too complex and non-standard customizations, that could cause some serious problems during future updates.

How did Sylius help?

“Sylius is today one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the sector.

Transferring to Sylius saved us time and money and increased the efficiency of our work.
In the previous environment, everything had to be programmed by hand from zero while with Sylius we already had a front base and a back-office ready to use, instead of programming from scratch.

It is very important to us that Sylius continues with the constant development of new improvements that we can include on our website through updates, so it is important to have open source e-commerce so that both the community and we can get to improve the code.”
– said Jordi Sala, Head of Backend Development:

“In my opinion, Sylius has the advantage of being very up-to-date in terms of good development practices (use of DDD to develop new functionalities) and its base of automated tests is very large. It is also clearly developed with the developer’s experience in mind. These reasons make it easy to choose Sylius over other solutions like Prestashop, Magento, or Drupal Commerce.”

“We decided to use Sylius because today it is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the sector. This has given us greater agility to advance and improve both the front and the back of our online store.”
Toni Milián Artigas, IT Director, Natura

Sylius scaled smoothly and with no problem even with almost tripled sales and pageviews over 200k and still growing!

What other 3rd party systems were used and integrated with Sylius?

Several Sylius plugins were applied in this project, such as the Mailchimp pluginCMS, and the Stripe integration. 

Also, Runroom used a few of the third-party bundles like Knp Snappy Bundle for the pdf creation and Presta Sitemap Bundle

Given the above, you can see how Sylius, using the most popular PHP framework as a base, allows developers to integrate any Symfony bundle seamlessly within the application. Your eCommerce extensibility is endless!

Results shown in numbers 

Launch of Sylius e-commerce: March 2020. 
April 2020 vs March 2020:

Nº of orders
Average ticket

Loading times were greatly improved: 

March 2020 vs February 2020

We are proud to say that the Natura Selection migration case is another proof that Sylius is a reliable technology to boost a web business of the popular brands generating high online traffic.