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Locastic – We help clients create amazing web and mobile apps!

Locastic is a digital agency that specializes in web and mobile app development. With hundreds of different commercial product behind us, we follow the latest trends in the industry and apply them to our projects. We offer our clients a full-service approach through all phases of software development – starting from the idea and design, through the implementation, testing and launching projects on the market.

What makes us different is the client approach, we include your input into our weekly and monthly sprints and the outcome builds amazing products and happy customers.

We are also one of the first Sylius early adopters and we are part of Sylius community since very beginnings. We did a lot of very complex Sylius implementation, many Sylius meetups and conferences talks about this amazing software. We are looking forward to work on your Sylius product.

Partner since 2018
Premium Solution Partner
Officially Trained