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Infolox is a leading fullservice-agency for omnichannel marketing, e-commerce and product communication in the cities of Lindau and Dortmund.The company offers top B2B solutions for industrial distributors with web/mobile/print and PIM/CMS/SHOP.

Infolox, Netgen and Sylius together now offer a whole new approach as a “best of breed solution” called “Omnichannel-Box” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This technology supports diverse and comprehensive options for implementing modifications with a complete omnichannel solution comprising PIM, CMS, and a Shop with integrated layout builder. This allows the users to optimise the online system on their own in a variety of ways.

With this tool, the users can design and implement their own content zones and blocks, which can be combined arbitrarily via drag & drop. These can also be interlinked with contents from various sources (PIM, MAM, CMS, Shop), either rule-based or manually.

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