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the Third_ Conference
fully Dedicated to Sylius
13.11.2024 🇫🇷 LYON_FRANCE, Centre Congrès de Lyon
to 31.07
Early Bird
to 15.10
from 16.10
Late Bird
The third edition of SyliusCon is coming! The conference is the largest conference primarily dedicated to Sylius and its ecosystem. Connect with the best Sylius experts and get inspired by the solution's eCommerce open-source community spirit! 🦢

Location 🇫🇷

LYON_FRANCE, Centre Congrès de Lyon

We invite all Sylius enthusiasts to picturesque Lyon - recongnized as the culinary capital of France. It’s the perfect place to unite around 350 Sylius lovers from all over the world to celebrate and develop the Sylius ecosystem together!

Speakers 🎤

Ben Marks
Commerce Famous Podcast / Shopware
Jacques Bodin-Hullin
Monsieur Biz
Olivier Allain
Guillaume Loulier
Sensiolabs / Symfony


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