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Paweł Jędrzejewski
05.09.2018 | 4 mins read

Introducing Sylius Enterprise Subscription

Through our journey since the beginning of Sylius in 2011, we have been constantly evolving and accumulating experience. We have worked on a wide range of eCommerce projects and identified where we currently make the most positive impact.

With this in mind, we are constantly exploring new products & services that we can offer to organizations, which participate in the process of trade. Today, we are proud to make a huge step forward and announce the immediate availability of our new service – Sylius Enterprise Subscription.

For whom?

Our main Open Source product, Sylius eCommerce Framework is definitely not something you use to start your first online business as a retailer or brand. There are better ways to do this and we actively recommend SaaS or Self-Hosted Packages for smaller stores.

We hope that someday our knowledge & resources allow us to create technology that will power these small businesses or even contribute to the tech stack of the global eCommerce giants like Amazon, Zalando.

Currently, we are focusing on where we make the biggest difference – the mid-market of eCommerce – organizations which generate revenue between 1 – 50M EUR annually. This is where our innovations make the most significant contribution towards the success of the company and are appropriate measures considering the scale. We love to work with companies that strive to become digital businesses, are purpose-driven and understand that the future of the trade is the software behind storefronts, physical stores, warehouses, customer service, AI and more. If your company has reached the point when you need many integrations, you think about APIs or require really tailored solutions – then Sylius eCommerce Framework is for you.

This subscription is our offer for organizations, which trade at a volume that requires stability and continuity of the development.

Is it a separate (paid) version of Sylius?

No. Even if you purchase the subscription, you are using the same code base. The difference is in the relationship with the vendor and the availability of professional services & support. Also, you directly support the development of new features and improvements. This helps us keep our product truly Open Source.

What is included?

We’ve managed to identify the biggest pain points for the companies we have worked with and have come up with a packaged solution that includes everything you need to make your next eCommerce project successful with Sylius.

Access to the Core Team Support

We have an amazing community that supports developers in their day-to-day problems on our Forum, Slack and GitHub. Nevertheless, as a CTO & team responsible for the delivery of a new cutting-edge eCommerce system for your company, sometimes you might be blocked or delayed by a lack of quick response and deep-core expertise. That’s why you & your team will get access to a service desk, which is handled by the Core Team itself – people who have built the core of the platform together with the community.

Technical Health Checks (every 6 months)

One of the biggest traps of development at this scale of eCommerce is the Technical Debt. One of the most heart-breaking meetings of ours was with the teams that worked with platforms that do not have Official Best Practices or just did not follow them properly. They have often reached the tipping point where no features could be delivered and some bugs remained unfixed because there were too many hacks implemented.

We believe that a platform like Sylius eCommerce Framework should serve you long-term without the need of replatforming. Developing everything from scratch is very often a huge burden and cost when compared to a steady and continuous development. That’s why our Core Team will do a Health Check on your code base every 6 months and leave you with a written set of recommendations about your architecture, use of Sylius, dependencies, security issues and more. You will be able to immediately consume this information and implement improvements that will make your Sylius-based platform last.

Priority in Roadmap & Access to Services

Sylius is completely Open Source and it will remain this way, still, we need to harvest some of the value that we provide to the world in order to grow ourselves and deliver even more awesome technology. That’s why we are giving a priority to our Enterprise Customers when it comes to reported issues/features requests because these organizations usually make a huge impact connected to our purpose. (They process many orders per day = a lot of people trading.) So if your team opens an issue on GitHub, we will automatically mark it as “Enterprise” and consider this when triaging the list of things every day.

Dedicated Contact Person (eCommerce Catalyst)

Relying on Open Source is a great idea but sometimes it’s nice to just be sure that there is a person on the other side that you can contact when you need assistance or guidance. What is more, this special role in our company is also accountable for being a “catalyst” (cause or accelerate a reaction) of your business. We will dedicate a reasonable amount of time to send you tips, news and tailored recommendations to make your revenue even higher. Apart from this, you will receive a priority and in some cases exclusive access to our consulting services (paid extra) that can help you grow.

Smooth Kickstart with Strategic Consulting

Your dedicated eCommerce Catalyst will spend a day (8 hours) with you at the beginning of your project. During that time, he will provide a more in-depth discovery of your challenge and give you a concrete set of recommendations and ideas how you can assemble your development team or which Solution Partner to choose.

Long Term Support

Depending on your scale and needs, we will extend (discussed individually) the standard support periods defined in our Release Cycle and provide you with dedicated patches if you need more time to upgrade.

Enterprise Newsletter

You become one of our key sources for feedback that results in improved products & services that can better serve your eCommerce business. Also, together with our Solution Partners, you will be the first to know about our new solutions and latest trends that we define or chase.


You can review the pricing and the offer summary on the new dedicated Sylius Enterprise Subscription page.

How to start a new Sylius project?

If you are new to Sylius, then we recommend scheduling a call with our consultant, who will discover your pain points, see if our offer can help you and recommend the best solution. If needed, he will also walk you through our demo and explain the features that are relevant to your business.

If you are an existing business powered by Sylius and would like to become our Enterprise customer, then please send us a message via the contact form or get in touch with someone you know at Sylius. 🙂

Paweł Jędrzejewski
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